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Nicole Dietze and I created this; it's a small part of Present Matter, a performance piece conceived/performed by our six other classmates Carin Blazer, Candace Thomas, Dimitri Woods, Rachel Kuhnle, Ben Roberts, and Matthew Cavender, under the guidance of Robyn Hunt.

When asked where I’m from, I say Terre Haute, IN, but actually I’m from about 20 miles outside the Terre Haute, right on the Vigo County line (cue the country music). Cornfields and pastures were my neighborhood, and my imagination filled in the rest. I became became fascinated with storytelling, and making something out of nothing .  I trace my joy of performing, my need to express, and my urge to create to having had such an imaginative childhood.


I received my BFA from Ball State University in Acting, and after spending a few years in New York, I left to receive my MFA at the University of South Carolina - a Suzuki-based training program.  We spent hours every week moving, practicing pure Suzuki techniques, while also physically improvising, and choreographing several dance/movement pieces.  

Steve Pearson and Robyn Hunt, my teachers at Theatre South Carolina, pushed me beyond what I thought possible for myself.  Under their mentorship, I wrote and produced my solo show, We Sit As Kings; I found a physical understanding of myself and my work, which I continue to refine and re-discover; and ultimately I became unafraid of referring to myself as - not only an actor - but an artist.